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A Very Medley Hearth's Warming Eve - Day 15 by MelonHunter
A Very Medley Hearth's Warming Eve - Day 15
Day 15: Draw any previous theme/Draw every previous theme.

Well, how could I resist drawing every theme from this ATG? Enjoy a gallery of ponies in all sorts of situations!
  1. :iconapplejackplz: Draw a pony standing still/Draw a pony posing
  2. :iconbigmacintoshplz: Draw a pony movin’/Draw a pony groovin’
  3. :iconpinkiepieplz: Draw a pony in the snow/Draw a pony bundled up!
  4. :iconapplebloomplz: Draw a pony stepping up/Draw a pony looking down
  5. :iconscootalooplz: Draw a pony wrapping up Autumn/Draw a pony falling.
  6. :icontwilightsparkleplz: Pony Legend/ A Pony Larger Than Life
  7. :iconsweetiebelleplz: Draw a pony taking a break/Draw a pony settling down
  8. :iconfluttershyplz: Draw a pony caroling/Draw a pony spreading cheer.
  9. :iconrainbowdashplz: Draw a pony skiing/Draw a pony winter game!
  10. :iconrarityplz: Draw a pony decorating/Draw a pony wrapping
  11. :icondiamondtiaraplz: Draw a pony stretching/Draw a pony on thin ice
  12. :iconbonbonplz: Draw a pony by the hearth/Draw a pony enjoying cocoa.
  13. :iconcloudchaserplz::iconflitterplz: Draw a pony traveling/Draw a pony family.
  14. :iconprincesscelestiaplz: Draw a pony celebrating/Draw a triumphant pony.  
Artists' Training Grounds has been great fun this year! I hope to get a lot more artwork done in the coming months; watch this space...
A Winner Is Luna! - Day 14 by MelonHunter
A Winner Is Luna! - Day 14
Day 14: Draw a pony celebrating/Draw a triumphant pony.

You can't get a more Christmassy style than stringing Christmas lights through your mane. Don't even try to outdo Luna. No, seriously, don't. Electric lights don't belong in your hair!
Big Mac's Big Mug - Day 12 by MelonHunter
Big Mac's Big Mug - Day 12
Day 12: Draw a pony by the hearth/Draw a pony enjoying cocoa.

Just a simple one today, as I only had half an hour to bash it out. In keeping with his name, Big Mac gets a soup bowl of a mug. Venti from Starbucks? More like a Sessanta!
Wow, OK. That gap between my last journal and this was a little longer than I intended. However, I am indeed back in business drawing ponies! Watch this space...



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A budding artist armed with a graphics tablet and a whole lot of optimism.

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