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Jetpack Joyride - Day 15 by MelonHunter
Jetpack Joyride - Day 15
NATG V Day 15 - Draw any previous theme/Draw every previous theme!

Aaaaand that's a wrap! Another New Artist Training Grounds complete. And what better way to finish it off than Scootaloo finally realising her dream of flying... with the POWER OF ROCKETS! 
Graduation Day - Day 14 by MelonHunter
Graduation Day - Day 14
NATG V Day 14 - Draw a pony graduating/Draw a pony party!

A drawing of Twilight that eventually turned into Moondancer on a good hair day. I'd like to think after all that extensive research, she got the academic recognition she deserved! Either that, or she's got a diploma in friendship after the events of Amending Fences. 
Pompompompompompompom - Day 13 by MelonHunter
Pompompompompompompom - Day 13
NATG V Day 13 - Draw a pony helping out/Draw a pony cheering someone on!

I can't imagine anyone other than Pinkie Pie being Ponyville's best cheerleader. With her on your side, you're unstoppable!
Guest Lecturer - Day 12 by MelonHunter
Guest Lecturer - Day 12
Rainbow Dash returns to the Cloudsdale Flight Academy to give the young pegasi the most important lesson they'll ever learn. Now with 20% extra science!

:iconrainbowdashhappyplz::iconsaysplz: Aerodynamics, son!
Fancy Mathematics - Day 11 by MelonHunter
Fancy Mathematics - Day 11
NATG V Day 11 - Draw a pony working out/Draw a pony training.

Poor Apple Bloom's head is just spinning after working out all of those equations! You'd think Cheerilee would have waited a couple of years before siccing calculus on those poor kids...
Wow, OK. That gap between my last journal and this was a little longer than I intended. However, I am indeed back in business drawing ponies! Watch this space...



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United Kingdom
A budding artist armed with a graphics tablet and a whole lot of optimism.

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